Hey, Gareth here to talk more about the career mode in Creature Battle Lab.  Lately I have been working on the AI player generation system, a system that will randomly generate new AI players for you to compete against in leagues and tournaments. Each creature will have their own levels of intelligence and aggression, which will affect how skilled they are and their play style. A skilled player with a good balance of aggressive and defensive play, for example, will likely rise to the top of the leagues and may even become your rival.

Toby Image 1

Also the AI will be armed with four Skills which are selected from a set , which you will have to be aware of when coming up against the Enemy, as some of your Skills may be weak against the AI or be strong depending on the Creatures Skill type. We plan to make the Skill sets be set in a certain way so that an Enemy can not have four of the same moves, for example the Enemy has a maximum of two melee and two projectile.

Toby Image 2

In addition to the player generation, each time you face your opponents in battle
they will have new creatures generated for them to battle you with meaning every
match will be a new encounter. The randomization that is used to generate AI creatures
will also be available to you in the creature customiser for when you want a brand new
creature to play with straight away.