Creature Battle Lab is a game that includes a number of different ways for the player to customise their creatures. Today I’ll be talking briefly about the character concepts and how we created the ‘Creature Attachments’ (A working title for these assets).

The Creature Attachments are a variety of appendages and limb like accessories that the player can choose to place on their creature. They can give the creatures some unique, and often quite crazy looks. The attachments can be broken down into 8 areas on the creatures’ body which are;


Eyes Concepts 01


Nose Concepts 01


Mouths Concepts 01


Ear Concepts 01

Ear Concepts 02


Arm Concepts 02

Arm Concepts 01

Arm Concepts 03

Leg Concepts 02

Leg Concepts 01


Back Concepts 01


Tail Concepts 02

As you can imagine, there are a lot of attachments that we have to create for each of these slots. We have to go through a process of creating concept art for any attachment we can think of. These usually start out as very rough sketches just to get our ideas onto paper. These drawings are then usually refined and neatened up so that the 3D artists that will be modelling the attachments have enough reference to work from. Each of these attachment concepts are reviewed and then we pick out the best ones to create for the game. Sometimes at this point the team decides on any changes or improvements that can be made and sometimes completely new ideas are formed, having been inspired by the concepts.

Creature Battle Lab will feature over two hundred attachments at launch and we have plans to release more in future updates. The scope is huge for you, the player to create your perfect looking laboratory made battling creature.

We’ll see you in the lab.