Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on creature customisation. Customisation is split into 4 categories; shape, attachments, skin, and colour, which gives the player a very powerful creative tool to create a team of fantastical creatures unique to themselves.  Where most monster capture/training and battle arena games offer limited creature customization (breeding and selecting skins), Creature Battle Lab does the opposite: it gives 100 percent control to players. From the size of the eyeballs to the color of the skin to the texture of the arms and beyond, players can control everything about the look of their creatures.

Base Shapes Concepts 02


Shape allows you to select any number of body shapes from a list of unlocked shapes. Using sliders and a limited number of points, you can decide the weight of each body shape. These can be combined together to make any number of unique shapes.

Arm Concepts 03 Arm Concepts 01


Another aspect of customisation is attachments. Attachment types include; eyes, ears, noses, mouths, arms, legs, back pieces, and tails. Each of these attachments can be swapped out from a list of unlocked attachments and resized to your liking.

Monster Concept 1


The player will have access to a great number of creature skins, each with it’s own influence. The selected skin can be manipulated in size and position to fit the creature to the desire of the player.


Colour can be customised on a primary and secondary level on each of the attachments and the skin of the creature itself. This will allow players to colour their creatures uniformly or create creatures of wild variety, and anything in between.

creature creator concept

When each of these aspects are combined, players are able to create a team including any variety of simple, cute, scary, chaotic, abstract, or complex creatures.

Chris Leyshon
Dojo Arcade