Last time we took a look at the creatures of Creature Battle Lab but it wouldn’t be much of a game without something for them to do. In the lab creatures are created to fight and for that we need a battleĀ arena. Created by the scientists, the arenas are designed to test the creatures against each other, whilst also throwing in a few surprises of their own.

Battle Arena Electro Concept

Initial sketches for the battle arena had a very sci-fi feel but this was swapped out for a more hand painted look. What was important was to get the shape of the battle arena right. We tried out a lot of options but the final design sits somewhere between a football stadium and a wrestling ring.


The creatures of the lab come in many types and we felt that the arena should reflect this, so we created multiple arenas. Each arena has its own feel and is linked to one of the creature types you can battle with. The battle arenas also have unique hazards, from burning lava in the fire arena, to a lake in the water map.


As well as the base battle arena your rivals will throw extra challenge at you in the form of arena pieces. These are extra landscape sections that you can utilise to gain an edge over your opponents, but watch out or your enemy could give you a nasty surprise in return.