Over the past month myself and Will have been creating the props that will go in the various Battle Arena environments. These range from igloos to grassy planes to jungles to skulls crying lava! The props have been modelled and unwrapped and placed in engine. We’ve set up a construction set of pre-made arrangements set on plinths to go about the Battle arenas. The plinths come in three sizes and host a great variation of different props for the different themes. Next on the to-do list for these is getting them textured, adding in some extra detail!

Battle Arena Props and Prefabs!

Here’s a look at some of the different props:


Battle Arena Props

The Avian Arena will be suspended on planks and branches with platforms for the various props to go on, small cardboard clouds will be dangled from the ceiling by the Scientists.


Battle Arena Props

With lots of tall grass for Botanical creatures to hide in the Botanical props are going to make for some interesting sneaky game-play! You can use this to your advantage when playing on one of the Botanical levels.


Battle Arena Props

The Electro plinths are a good one! Tesla coils, Jacob’s ladders and booming speakers. Haven for an Electro creature but a great hazard for anyone else. Danger! High Voltage.


Battle Arena Props

Your Hydro creature will be right at home here being able to cross the water with ease. Non Hydro creatures should watch out for these though; you might get more than you bargained for!


Battle Arena Props

Watch your step around the these Ice plinths, you might find them a bit slippery, and cold. Brrr!


Battle Arena Props

The Scientists had some space equipment lying about so they figured why not leave them in the arenas, it saves tidying up.


Battle Arena Props Magma

Be careful around that magma, make sure you creature doesn’t fall in. Unless of course it’s a Magma, they just get stronger around the stuff!


Battle Arena Props

Humble and unassuming; the Rock plinths might look harmless but traversing that rough terrain can slow a non-Rock creatures and bring around their brethren makes Rock creatures even more resistant to damage.

Battle Arena Props

Animal creatures will receive a strength buff when on one of these plinths; allowing them to hit harder. Enemies will have less resistance to damage, making them easier to defeat. These arid plinths are invaluable to an Animal creature.