Battle Arena Texturing 2

The Botanical battle arena brief was a dense jungle theme with strange creatures that all want to make you dinner, a possible feature here will be dancing fly traps and we are currently creating fireflies to decorate the area. There are also other Easter eggs in this set such as more smileys amongst others… Keep [...]

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Battle Arena Texturing

Hello Interns! I have recently been texturing the theme sets for the battle arena that you saw being modelled in my last post. They are now 80% of the way there and I wanted to share them with you all. Below you will see each of them and a brief description of what I was [...]

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Enemy AI

Recently, I have been developing the Enemy AI. It is a rule based system with a non-traditional structure. It makes decisions by running the fact-base through the rule-base. This means that rules will trigger behaviour when the facts match the rule conditions. Very intelligent behaviour can be developed using this approach because it allows us to [...]

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Career Mode

Hey Gareth here again to talk about how the career mode in Creature Battle Lab will work. I will give a brief overview of the whole thing here and go into more detail on certain aspects in future blog posts. The career mode will be the structure for most of your awesome battles in Creature [...]

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Creature Battle Lab at EGX Well it’s nearing a week since EGX 2014 closed its doors for the year, and we at dojo arcade are all recovered, more or less! As this was the first major expo for us and the game, we were all nervous to see how the public would respond to Creature Battle Lab. Alas it [...]

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Planning customisation and U.I

Hi, my name is Gareth Jones and I am a programmer at Dojo Arcade. My time working on Creature Battle Lab has been spread between implementing basic functionality for some key aspects of the game which will be necessary to build upon later in development. At this early stage a fair amount of time goes [...]

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Create A Creature

Welcome Interns, today I will be speaking about your creature's attachments and how you can create a creature in the Splice - O- Matic 3000. When you create a creature, it’s simply an amorphous blob; basically a blank template. Creature Battle Lab features a robust customisation system for you to build your unique creature. You can choose your [...]

Customisation Overview

As you've probably read or heard already, Creature Battle Lab is a creature customisation and battling game. Today lets have a brief look at the customisation aspects of CBL and see how much choice you're going to have creating your ultimate team of creatures. There are three main ways to change the creatures which are [...]

Character concepts

Creature Battle Lab is a game that includes a number of different ways for the player to customise their creatures. Today I’ll be talking briefly about the character concepts and how we created the ‘Creature Attachments’ (A working title for these assets). The Creature Attachments are a variety of appendages and limb like accessories that [...]

Creature Customisation

Over the past few weeks I've been working on creature customisation. Customisation is split into 4 categories; shape, attachments, skin, and colour, which gives the player a very powerful creative tool to create a team of fantastical creatures unique to themselves.  Where most monster capture/training and battle arena games offer limited creature customization (breeding and [...]