Battle Arena Props

Over the past month myself and Will have been creating the props that will go in the various Battle Arena environments. These range from igloos to grassy planes to jungles to skulls crying lava! The props have been modelled and unwrapped and placed in engine. We've set up a construction set of pre-made arrangements set [...]

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Battle Arena Theme Sets

This month I have been working on the battle arena theme sets, these are decoration pieces that surround the area that the creatures battle in, and are tailored for each creature type. The main problems i hit while creating these sets was getting the assets in the tri count, however, after extensive testing we found a mid point between aesthetics and frame rate. [...]

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Creating the Battle Arena Base

Hi I’m Will Parker, one of the artists working on Creature Battle Lab. During my first month on CBL, I have worked on several areas including the battle arena theme sets, conducting stress tests and also working on the main battle arena. The arena is where the main battling takes place and it was my [...]

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Modelling the Lab for mobile gaming

The Science Lab for Creature Battle Lab was created with mobile gaming in mind.  With all the concept work done, actually creating the lab turned out to be a pretty simple process. Some of the models from the concept lab could be re-used, as they are low poly assets, which cut down the build time. Here is [...]

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The Science Labs

This game wouldn't work without the science labs. The design challenge here is to make it feel lived in but also get across the unique style of the game. With references as diverse as Dexters lab and The Nightmare Before Christmas the science labs are shaping up to be an interesting area for us to create. [...]

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Battle Arena Concept Art

Last time we took a look at the creatures of Creature Battle Lab but it wouldn't be much of a game without something for them to do. In the lab creatures are created to fight and for that we need a battle arena. Created by the scientists, the arenas are designed to test the creatures against [...]

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Creature Creator Concept Art

Hi I'm Lawrence, one of the artists at Dojo Arcade.  Today I wanted to show the process we have gone through for the concept of  the Creatures, which will be created by the player, in Creature Battle Labs creature creator, called the Splice - a - matic 3000. Getting the art style right for a new game [...]

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Enjoy Fun Experiments, character creator games on iPhone and iPad? Welcome To Creature Battle Lab!

Hello, and welcome to the Creature Battle Lab Blog! Creature Battle Lab is our brand new game designed from the ground up to be awesome on iPhone and iPad!   So what’s the game all about? Quite simply, Creating Creatures, Battling Creatures! You will be the newest lab intern at Professor Helix’s crazy DNA research [...]

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