The Lab Scene was one of the easier battle arenas to light, as the assets were simple in terms of their shape, and also there being no theme set around the outside. When lighting this scene I just used a warm to cold transition of colours while ensuring that the outer walls were much darker than the playable area.

Creature Battle Lab Arena 001

Creature Battle Lab Arena 002

The magma was the easiest scene to light, as this was lit mainly by the self-illumination shader created by Cory, the only lights in this scene were lights for the screens, and a few filler lights to help any assets that had shadows that were to dark.

Originally I had attempted to place a spotlight at the player and enemy start point; however, this looked very odd when the characters started to move around the arena.

Creature Battle Lab Magma Arena 001

Creature Battle Lab Magma Arena 002

When designing the rock arena, due to there being many different levels and colours in the assets. (Brown small rocks, orange sandstone etc), my main aim was just to unify the scene as best as possible. As a result I used a fairly aggressive warm colour in the centre of the arena, and also on the sections of the theme set that encroached on the playable area. This helped draw the player in and also unify all the colours to an extent. I ten rapidly faded out to a much darker value outside of the arena to help it pop. And tried to use less of a red tint on the arena walls, to help bring through the cooler colours of the sky, and act as a point where the player’s eyes should stop and return back to the arena.

Creature Battle Lab Rock Arena 001

Creature Battle Lab Rock Arena 002