Hey Gareth here again to talk about how the career mode in Creature Battle Lab will work. I will give a brief overview of the whole thing here and go into more detail on certain aspects in future blog posts. The career mode will be the structure for most of your awesome battles in Creature Battle Lab, It will be split into two modes, Leagues and Tournaments. You will be able to keep track of your upcoming battles with the calender system, this will show you the battles you have throughout the current in-game month and will let you view detailed information on events taking place in the current week to help you plan which creatures to use in each battle to ensure your creatures don’t battle too much and get tired out.

Career Mode 001


Career Mode

In the league mode you will start at the bottom of a league and battle your way through each division of the league until you reach the top. Once you reach the top of your league you can progress to other more difficult leagues while also having to defend your title in the previous leagues to make sure you are the best across the board. As you progress you will be battling more difficult opponents with less time to let creatures rest and regain energy, if you don’t manage your creatures effectively you could end up having to send a creature into battle with reduced health.



Occasionally during leagues you will receive an invitation to join a tournament where you can compete for trophies and other prizes. Tournaments can be between 8, 16 or 32 people and will become larger and more difficult in later leagues.