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Mad science, crazy fun!

Enter the world of Creature Battle Lab and experience mad science and crazy fun! Study with Professor Helix and discover the art of genetic creature splicing. Mix up molecules and experiment with DNA to create the ultimate team of fearsome/cute/weird battling creatures. Take part in intense real time battles across a number of themed arenas. Become the No.1 ranked creature battler on the professional inter-lab science circuit. Creature Battle Lab is a creature creation and battling game like no other. How your creatures look and what skills they have are entirely chosen and controlled by you. Join the ‘Creature Battle Lab Club’ with a one off payment to instantly unlock all shapes, patterns and attachments for your creatures. Go to battle in style!

• 100% player controlled customisation
• 200+ attachments to choose from
• 60+ shapes to morph and blend between
• 30+ patterns to accessorise with
• Unlock and experiment with 64 different skills
• Mix and match abilities to find powerful combos and unique play styles
• Take full control of your creatures in real-time battles
• Unlock and battle in 27 distinct 3D arenas
• Level up your creatures making them stronger, faster and more durable
• Play for a few minutes or hours, it’s up to you


Early history of Dojo Arcade

Dojo Arcade is an independent games development studio, set up by three masters graduates who won the Future Young Entrepreneurs Award 2011 and a place at The Sir Howard Stringer Foundation for Media and Technology at Sony UK Technology Centre (UK TEC) Since the company was founded they have taken on the ethos to create fun and engaging games for players which are highly original with a high production value.

• 2016 Awarded a Microsoft Greenshoots award for “Creature Battle Lab”. Through winning the award, they have attended, ”MGF London 2016”where they pitched to a number of Mobile publishers including, Yodo 1, Tencent, Disney, Bandai Namco and Channel 4 to name a few. Attending “Insomnia” at the NEC and, “Rezzed” held at the Tobacco docks in London, where “Creature Battle Lab” was featured as part of the iD@XBOX showcase and received great feedback from press and the public.

• 2014-2015 “Creature Battle Lab” has featured at a number of shows, including EGX in the Rezzed area, Game City in Nottingham, Manchester’s Play Expo and the Wales Games Development show in Cardiff.

• 2013 Awarded a Development Award by the Wellcome Trust for a prototype game called "Immune" Through winning the Award, they attended "Develop" in Brighton and pitched their prototype to Sony Xdev, Codemasters and Standfast Interactive, where "Immune" got great feedback and was regarded highly by the panel of industry Veterans.

• 2013, "Soulfininty", www.soulfinitygame.com, pitched at Eurogamer to, Microsoft, Kickstarter and Standfast Interactive. "Soulfinity" was held in high regard, for its unique sacrifice mechanic. Through attending the event, Dojo Arcade can now officially publish games to Nintendo, which they hope to release titles to in the future.

Creature Battle Lab Media


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Creature Battle Lab 30 second Trailer YouTube

Creature Battle Lab Teaser YouTube


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Dojo Arcade Team Pictures


There are far more images available for Creature Battle Lab, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

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Awards & Recognition

  • "Winner in Future Entrepreneur Awards 2011." - Cardiff City Hall, December, 2011
  • "Nomination for Wellcome Trust Development Awards (Broadcast, Games and Film)." - Develop, Hilton Hotel, Brighton, 2013
  • "Microsoft Greenshoots award" - Microsoft, London, 2016


  • "Dojo Arcade is one of a cluster of independent games studios that are emerging in Wales – it is a highly competitive market with real growth opportunities. I am pleased support from the Welsh Government is helping the company take advantage of the opportunities presented by its collaboration with S4C and to launch this new game."
    - Economy Minister, Edwina Hart.,
  • "This project is an opportunity to develop content using alternative avenues. In the same way that other popular animations have developed computer games and merchandise based on a TV series, this project also has the potential to evolve.
    It also meets The Digital Fund's aims to expand the Welsh language content available on digital platforms. By releasing it in Welsh alongside the English it sets a good example that Welsh is just as relevant in the digital world as any other language."
    - S4C Digital Manager, Huw Marshall,

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Dojo Arcade Website
Want to find out more about Creature Battle Labs creators? You can check it out at http://www.dojo-arcade.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Tobias Johnson
Director, 3D Artist, Animator

Phillip Page
Director, 3D Artist, Animator

Ted Thomas
Director, Games Programmer


Tobias Jonhson

twitter @DojoArcade

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Creature Battle Lab Website

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